Premium foiled doors

Kensapuu's Premium foiled doors are a good choice for your home. Our foiled door range has been awarded with a M1-symbol as a sign of the product being   of low emissions and a product which furthers better indoor   air quality.   Kensapuu's Premium foiled doors are durable, stylish and easy to keep clean. The best materials and our production method guarantee that the product is of high quality.   It endures light wear and tear without getting damaged, and the foil stays securely attached. We recommend Premium foiled doors to be used in humid spaces in particular.

All Premium foils are of German or Japanese origin. All Premium foils are UV-protected as well as protected against scratches.   Premium high gloss foils have a special protective foil as a top layer which can be removed after installation.

Kensapuu has a wide selection of Premium colours. You can choose form more than 20 different colours. The selection includes both matt and high gloss foils.

All Premium foiled door models can be produced in special sizes.

Lattice doors are not available.

The backside of   a Premium foiled door is always white melamine.

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