Premium foiled doors

Material: MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is made from homogeneous wood fibres and glue, bonded under heat and pressure. Kensa uses board that meets the E1 standard. Origin of MDF: Germany and Poland.

Finish: PVC foil. Thickness 0.4–0.6 mm. Countries of origin: Germany and Italy. Back side of Premium foiled doors is always white melamine as standard. Foiling on both sides is available on order. 

Kensa's Premium foiled doors are a good choice for your home. Our foiled door range has been awarded with M1-symbol as a sign of the product being of low emissions and a product which furthers better indoor air quality. Kensa's Premium foiled doors are durable, stylish and easy to keep clean. Color of foil does not change over time either. Premium foiled doors are recommended to be used in humid spaces in particular.

Kensa has a wide selection of Premium colours. The selection includes both matt and high gloss foils.Premium high gloss white foil and Satin foils have a special protective foil as a top layer which shall be removed after installation.

In Premium wood figure foils pattern is always vertical as standard. Horisontal pattern is available on order, but maximum height with horisontal pattern is 1250mm.

Lattice doors are not available.

All Premium foiled door models can be produced in special sizes.

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