Painted doors

Material: MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is made from homogeneous wood fibres and glue, bonded under heat and pressure. Kensa uses board that meets the E1 standard.

Origin of MDF:  Germany and Poland.

Finish: Catalyst based 2-component paint.

CNC - machines mill wanted door profile on MDF. After milling painted doors move to edge treatment where edges are painted and sanded before actual surface treatment. On our painting line surfaces are sanded and dust is removed before spray painting and drying. One layer of primer and one layer of finishing paint are sprayed on the back side. Frontside is painted with at least two layers of primer and one layer of finishing paint depending on the door model. Lacquered products have a further coat of lacquer on top of paint. Special colors and lacquered products are always hand sprayed. 

There are lots of colour shades to choose from. You can choose the colour from Kensa's over 20 standard colours or choose a special colour of your own choice.

All painted door are also available with supermatt (velvet surface) lacquered surface. High gloss surface is available in standard colors in models Aria, Sointu and Rumba.

All of our door models can also be ordered tailor made in special sizes.



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