Painted doors

Kensapuu Ltd.has a modern automated painting line. The needed layers of paint are sprayed mechanically in a dustless environment. Kensapuu recycles all the surplus paint so environmental friendliness is also taken into consideration in the production process.

MDF -board has been manufactured to meet Kensapuu's needs.

Kensapuu's MDF-doors get several treatments on the painting line. First the surface of each door is sanded and dust is removed. Afterwards each door blank is sprayed with paint and dried. The doors go through the painting line five times. One layer of primer and one layer of finishing paint are sprayed on the backside. Front side is painted with at least two layers of primer and one layer of finishing paint depending on the door model.

There are lots of colour shades to choose from. You can choose the colour from Kensapuu's 16 standard colours or choose a special colour of your own choice.

All painted door models are available in fullmatt, matt or lacquered high gloss surface.

All of our door models can also be ordered   in special sizes.



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