Instructions for care

Stains and dirt can be wiped away gently using a moist cloth. If the stain does not come off with water, a cleaning agent can be added to the cloth. Spray cleaning agent to a clean cloth or moisten cloth in some other way. Wipe the surface clean and dry in the end if needed. No rinsing is required. Furniture doors can be cleaned using general household cleaning agents. Do not use boiling water for cleaning.

The use of abrasive or organic solutions is forbidden.

Doors can be damaged if in touch with very hot pieces, such as hot saucepans or frying pans.

Do not predispose doors to running water, for example when assembling products in humid spaces. (We recommend Premium foiled doors in humid spaces.)


MDF- furniture doors should always be stored in a warm and dry space (humidity max 60%). Products shall not be placed without protection on the floor or elsewhere where they can be exposed to dirt, dust or scratces. It is recommended that products are stored in a horisontal position. Unnecessary moving of products shall be avoided.

When handling doors one must always be careful and cautious.

MDF -furniture doors are sensitive to dents especially their corners and edges.

When drilling holes for handles or hinges, check that worktop is clean. Debris on the worktop can easily cause scratches to the surface of the door. Pay special attention when handling high gloss doors.

Premium foil white high gloss doors and Satin doors have a thin protective foil attached to the surface which shall be removed after installation. Also Quartet matt and Forest products have a protective foil attached to the surface. It is possible that the protective foil leaves a thin glue stripe to the surface when removed. Possible glue stripes will come off if one cleans the surface with a damp cloth.

Small wear and tear marks to the surface of painted doors can be repaired with repair paint. When the paint surface is damaged all the way down to MDF -board, the door is highly predisposed to moisture. In these cases, we recommend that the damaged door is replaced with a new door. Kensa Oy takes no responsibility of repairs carried out by others.

If the foil surface is damaged, it is not possible to mend it anymore. In these cases we recommend purchasing a new door.


MDF -furnishing doors can be recycled. If destroyed, it should be done according to official instructions.

PVC-foil is classified as plastic waste.


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