Decorative Mouldings and Lists

 Kensapuu - Top moulding D Kensapuu - Combined moulding F Kensapuu - Bottom moulding H Kensapuu - Bottom moulding I Kensapuu - Pilaster P

Top moulding D, combined moulding F, bottom moulding H, bottom moulding I and pilaster list.

All the decorative mouldings are made of MDF-board. The mouldings are available in Kensa Oy's painted and Premium foiled colours (apart from pilasters and bottom moulding H which are only available in painted and acrylic lacquered colors). R2 mouldings (2070 mm) available also in microlaminate. The standard length of moulding in painted and foiled is 2400-2450 mm. Piease note that pilaster crowns are sold separately.  

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